:: Which Search Engine to choose for SEO

Studies have shown that you can generate 60% of your traffic alone from
search engines like Google, and rest 40% from Yahoo, and other search
engines. SEO is emerging as a new era
of Online Business science, which helps to generate more traffic, and more
revenues from your existing businesses.

Search engine optimization is further categorized into two categories
organic search, and PPC ( Pay per Click). Organic Search engine optimization
depends on the natural ranking of your web page, whereas PPC is a paid
service offered for companies who want to kick start their business from the
day one without going through the labor of organic search engine
optimization, which can be achieved over a period of time.

Both these search engines follow similar PPC Advertising Strategies, but
a completely different Natural Listing Strategies.

It is up to the company owner to decide which search engine will bring
him maximum traffic. China has tried to block Google from its internet
network, whereas Yahoo search is easily available.

You have to decide search engine as per the consumer behavior of your

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