Many SEOs quickly learn
why they need a linking strategy. They
know now that links from other web sites pointing at theirs are
improving their page ranking. Let's see how links generate traffic.

Inbound links are an important way to increase the page rank,
to be known in your field, to generate traffic to the website. This is
the most important method to generate traffic, to have more visitors,
potential clients or website services' users.

Without traffic, a website is almost useless. Its role can
be only a name on a business card or a place to find a products or
services list or email addresses.

To bring clients from the Internet, to be alive, to fulfill
its main purpose, a web site must have huge traffic. What can a search
engine optimizer do to get this important traffic? The web content
including the appropriate keywords, the ease navigation, the most
appropriate images, the inspired headlines are improving the traffic.

Do not forget the site's style, sophisticated and simple at
the same time, professional and efficient. But the work isn't over
yet. The inbound links strategy must be used too. It brings
spectacular results and realizes the traffic that will attire the
clients' attention. The search engines will note the web site.

Some will think that without traffic, a web site is useless
as a marketing and selling tool. The web site will not sell products
or services, nor communicate ideas or events, and won't publish
articles about any imaginable subject.

As we have already established, the traffic will be
increased in the most spectacular way by getting links from other
important websites, and having related topics. You will receive direct
traffic from links, but mainly from links that have similar audiences
to the main website.

A client visiting a web site similar to the main one, seeing
the link to the main one, will visit it immediately. He becomes a
potential client, increases the traffic, and improve, finally, the
main site's rank. 21% of the entire traffic is the result of inbound
links. This is not a secret, top ranked web sites are using this
successful strategy and everyone can see the results.

What is the reason why people are clicking the new links?
First of all, this is the human curiosity in action. Maybe the next
site can have more products, best prices, most appropriate services.

Maybe the next site is looking better and it is giving to
its visitors the look and feel they are waiting for, maybe the next
site is more useful, interesting and helpful. The visitors, potential
clients at the same time, are hoping to find something to amaze them,
to make them purchase without regrets and doubts.

Part of your linking strategy is joining a linking
directory. You will need to do a search for these websites with a high
PR. In these directories, you will have great success because they are
where the strong, relevant websites are.

Another part of your linking strategy should be to include
your link in articles that you submit to article directories. This
will help you out a lot because if a reader is interested in your
article, chances are that they will click on your link to learn more.

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