Search Engine Optimization is no rocket science. Neither is it exact science, at least not for those on the other side of the firewall. The Basics: Take care that your html has a valid syntax. The pages you intend to be "search engine landing pages", like your front page, need to have natural written content about the subject of that page. Those pages need a clear descriptive title. A front page page with a button "enter here" doesn't work. Place your main subjects at the beginning of pages, paragraphs and sentences if it doesn't affect reading. Bad: "This wonderful page about these lovely, mostly green animals: frogs". Good: "Frogs, lovely green animals are all over this page". (If your site is about frogs) Create as much original content as you can about your subjects. Distribute your content into pages of each about 200 words. Give those pages, if possible, descriptive file names. If your page is about insurance, use insurance-2.htm instead of page2.htm. Use a dash as seperator in file or directory names, and not an underscore. Sample: insurance-food.htm, insurance-maintanance.htm insurance-repair.htm If your content grows, try to structure your site with sub directories. Make sure your site is good "inter linked". Have links to all pages on every page. If there are to many, use sub directories, each inter linked, where every sub directory can be reached from every page. Create a site map for larger sites. Use descriptive text in your internal links. A link that says "Next Page" doesn't work as good as "Insurance Page 2". The title of the link (anchor text) tell the search engines where this page is about. Try to get quality links from other sites, and have those links use a descriptive title (anchor text). Bad: "Green Animals" Good: "Frogs Maintanance and food". Try to cover as many subjects in your titles as possible without making them too long. Don't spam search engines. One day they find out, and you are removed. Be patient. Don't expect next day results. If you create a quality website with a good structure things will come by themselves, in time.

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