Been meaning to do this one for awhile and finally got around to it. The goal being to put together a list of the different ways to contact the search engines for different things when the need arised, and have it all in one place so it's easy for people to find and use.

So with no further ado here's what I currently have on file...

Ask/Teoma -- Blogs -- Google
  • Webmaster Contact Form
    1. If you suspect a 302 Hijack situation use the above with a subject line of "canonicalpage" so that so that your request is routed to the correct working group.
    2. If you need to file a reinclusion request because your domain has been removed due to use of shady tactics, use the above form after cleaning up everything. Use a subject of "Reinclusion Request" so that it is routed correctly. Google will want to know two things. 1. That the spam/shady tactics are all gone or have been fixed; and 2. That it's not going to happen again. You'll need to supply details if you want back in. Including whatever corrective actions you have taken to make sure it never happens again.
  • Webmaster Guidelines/Help
  • Submit Your Site
  • Submit Sitemap (Requires a free account)
  • Report Spam
  • Report Copyright Infringement
  • Remove a URL from the Index (Requires a free account)
-- Blogs -- MSN -- Blogs -- Yahoo! -- Blogs -- Some of the above change from time to time. Engines also provide new ways to contact them for various specific issues now and then. If you have any corrections or additions please PM us the data so that we can check it out and keep the list up to date.

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