Between them Yahoo and MSN account for around 20% of all UK internet searches. Tackling Yahoo and MSN search engine optimisation requires a different technique to Google.
Yahoo's Optimisation Factors
Yahoo Optimisation or Yahoo SEO is about improving your website's "organic" ranking for key search terms on Yahoo. Yahoo is more "on page" driven than either MSN or Google, the two other major search engines. By "on page", we mean that when Yahoo produces its results it relies on information it collects about a site from sources on the target website.
1. Meta Tag Title
This is easily the most important meta tag. Very few sites with weak meta tag titles appear in the top rankings of Yahoo. My recommended approach is an interlocking phrase of 5 or 6 words adding up to no more than 60 characters including spaces.
2. Meta Tag Description
The meta tag description is less important than the title for ranking purposes. however, the tag normally shows up in the results pages so it is seen and may be acted upon by potential website visitors.
3. Meta Tag Keywords
These have little direct role in search engine ranking. Where they are useful is as a device for testing on page alignment. See below.
4. Page or Site Content
The content or subject of a site is very important to Yahoo and MSN. Content for this purpose means words in general and headings in particular. It is important that this content has been highlighted in the meta tags title and description.
5. On page Alignment
On page alignment of the meta tags and content are a key component of success with Yahoo rankings. The meta tags on their own will not work. Simply Clicks can carry out a quick and simple test to provide the information to improve rankings.
Yahoo's Off Page Optimisation Factors
Yahoo, like all other search engines measure the number and nature of inbound links (or IBLs) into a site from other websites. It appears, however, that Yahoo places a lesser emphasis on these links than other major engines. The most important off page factor appears to be inclusion in the Yahoo directory. However this costs $299.
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