Alexa ranking is one of the major ranking system provided by It only measured the amount of visitors if user visited a website with alexa toolbar installed.

Here is the definition of Alexa Traffic Rank provided by Alexa :

"The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for
all sites on the Web on a daily basis."

It is also important for the webmasters, advertisers and ad networks to increase the alexa ranking. It will help to a ad network or advertiser to get good rate for advertising a banner or text-link and also increase the bargaining power.

Some useful tips to increase your Alexa Rank :

1) Encourage your friends and others like blog readers, webmasters and visitors to use alexa toolbar. Add link to the page of alexa that explains about alexa ranking and dowload instructions.
2) Install alexa toolbar and make your website as default home page for all browsers in your office and on your pc. It will be useful if work on dynamic IP addresses.
3) Write about Alexa and its importance in your blog or article section in your website.
4) Write on very important topic like domain or SEO related to webmasters.
5) Post your article to social book marking websites.
6) Join community forum and be the part of webmaster topic and add your website in your signature.
7) Use digg, myspace and stumbleupon to increase more traffic to your website. Content should be attractive

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Anonymous said...

Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. Alexa has been installed based on millions of toolbars, one of the largest Web crawls and an infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data. For users of Alexa's Toolbar and web site this has resulted in products that have revolutionized Web navigation and intelligence. For developers this has resulted in a set of tools unprecedented in scope allowing whole new services to be created on the Alexa data and platform. Alexa does a lot more than simple rank web sites. They also have data services and webmaster services designed to improve the web. Alexa is a very powerful tool used to rank web site traffic. We can find out how our web site traffic stacks up against all our competitors. This is one of the most accurate freely available tools to find out how well your site ranks up against millions of other sites on the Web.

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