MSN Optimization

Google and Yahoo , the most popular search engines uses almost same algorithm to display search result. Micorosoft search
engine uses different algorithm to display search result. To optimize for MSN search engine, note the following points :

1) Regularly update your website using fresh content.
2) Check the tags used in the webpages. The tag should properly enclosed.
3) Check all the links added on the pages. All links properly work.
4) Avoid keyword stuffing. Also donot include irrelevant keyword to target the page.
5) Alt tag must be relevant name to the image and no keyword stuffing in alt.
6) No hidden links or text. Links or text should visible to users.
7) Donot purchase links from link farms. Directory submission or article distribution are beneficial to increase links.
8) If possible include 1-2 lines text at the top of all the important pages. Add relevent keyword phrases.
9) Use links of some internal pages in the bottom of the page related to the page. These links will work as keyword for the
page and help to increase keyword density of the page.
10) Include the text in title and description used in heading tag.
11) Choose relevant name for the pages. If the page contains the information on rates of hotels then file name should be
"hotels-rate.html" not "sample.html" or "5674.html".

You cannot impress MSN to collect lots of inbound links. You must have fresh and unique content including target keyword
inside the content.

Read the MSN guidelines here :

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