Introduction to SEO
It is practice of optimizing website to increase traffic. Optimization of a webpage is not very difficult but not very task if no any knowledge of search engine algorithm to display the result. Better if we spend some times and read the guidelines of search engine. These are the activities included in search engine optimization :

Directory Submission
Link Exchange
Meta Tags Optimization
Image Optimization
Article Distribution
New Experiment in robots.txt

We already heard about robots.txt and also use it. This file is current in experiment by Google. So carefully check your robots.txt. User-agent and Disallow are the main command used in robots.txt file. One mistake might say google to go away. If you want not allow to google-bot to crawl more than one directory then you must write it in this way :

User-agent: *
Disallow: /old-pictures/
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /old-index/
Disallow : /personal/

If you use disallow command in this way Disallow: /old-pictures/ /cgi-bin/ /old-index//personal/" then it will not work. Use separate disallow for each directory.
Also check your robots.txt after uploading. Google provides robots.txt validator to check robots in the sitemap area. Just login and check your robots.txt file from here

Some Best Web-Directories :
Directory submission is very important to increase backlinks and traffic. Always choose some good directories to submit your website for inclusion. Submitting website in the directories not updated regularly is the wasting of time. Here you will find some best webdirectories where you can submit website for inclusion. Before submitting website, please read the guidelines. Some directories allow you to submit online top-domain. Follow the guidelines and submit your website, definately editor will approve your website : (For Indian websites only) (For Indian websites only)
Free Articles Directories

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