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(2) Don’t Stop Adding Content

Keeping add articles to your newsletter. You want web visitors to see a great archive of older material. Nothing presells better than a “library” of old issues. By placing your subscribe form on each archive page, sooner or later a browser or “lookee-lous” will turn into a genuine subscriber.

(3) Do Your Keyword Research

Write your newsletter based on what your niche market is looking for. All keywords have minor keyphrases or related keywords that people also search on. Use good keyword tools to find those popular keywords and related search terms to write about. Search engines will index the archive issue bringing more visitors.

(4) Submit Articles to Niche Directories

Use search engines to locate niche article directories that match or are related to your market. Write small articles to take advantage of this little used promotional method. Add a good resource box listing a weblink to the mailing list signup page.

(5) Be helpful in Forums

Take the time to register with forums that discuss the problems of people in your niche market. Add comments or helpful hints on discussions that relate to your website or newsletter. Use your forum signature line to post a weblink to your mailing list landing page.

(6) Post Ads in Forums

Some forums have either free or paid advertising sections where their users can post ads selling services, etc. Use this service to lead interested readers to your mailing list subscriber form.

(7) Use Email Discussion Lists

While not as popular as they once were, you can probably still find a good email discussion list that serves your niche market. Join the list. Read a few issues and then start a related topic. Take a strong position on whatever the issue is. People enjoy reading slightly controversial emails. Just don’t get too hand and violate the list’s policy. Use a weblink back to your website and mailing list.

(8) Create a Squidoo Page

Use this popular Web 2.0 content management system, to post articles, videos or podcasts about your niche market. At the bottom of each article, list your email list squeeze page.

(9) Create a “Current Events & News” Blog

Go to Blogger and open an account. Create a blog that you use exclusively to “chase” the latest fads and hottest trends in your niche markets. Write quick and breezy, “who, what, when, where, why” news-style stories. At the bottom of it one have a link to more “news” and your newsletter signup form.

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