SEO alone can not help in making an internet based business successful. Though there are many successful internet millionaires, most web-based businesses fail. Here are some proven tips for building and growing an internet based business.

1. Target a unique niche

If you are creative enough, you can virtually sell anything on the internet. However, you should apply the basic principles of marketing before you decide what product or service you plan to sell on the web. It is better to go for niche segments which do not have many players in the field. If you go for a product for which the market is saturated, it would be difficult and expensive to rank your site high in search engines. You should be able to differentiate your product/services in such a way that the web community would get interested in your site and send you referrals too.

2. Skills and Passion

You should have special skills for the product/service you plan to sell, and have a functional business model to support your internet business. You and the people around you should have passion for the job. So, if you plan to sell used cars on the web, you need to know everything about used cars, and have the right people who can help you in fulfilling the orders. Many internet businesses fail because people do not have the passion for the products/services they sell.

3. Building Trust

Testimonials and referrals play an important role in making your website trustworthy. If you can write a blog on your site where you can show off your work and make efforts to make your business transparent, it could build a feeling of instant trust with the site visitors. Making your site useful with an array of features not available elsewhere also makes a good first impression.

4. Prevent duplication

Though it is very easy to duplicate content, if you can offer features which are difficult to duplicate, it will give you a definite competitive advantage.

5. Control Costs

To keep your internet business profitable, you need to cut costs ruthlessly. Working from home, outsourcing, part-time staff can help you control costs especially in the beginning.

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